Sustainable Furniture You Can “Feel Good” About

You might buy organic food or shop for local produce or commit to fair trade coffee, but do you think about your furniture the same way? Before you buy another couch, table, or chair – think again!!!

“Feeling good” is the motto of one of my absolute favorite companies, Cisco Brothers, and they REALLY live up to that in everything they do! They even cook for friends and customers (a fine line sometimes) right from their showroom kitchen… how’s that for “feeling good”???!

Oh yeah, on to the furniture.

Cisco Brothers is an LA company founded by transplants from a rural town in Mexico, where their family lived off whatever the Good Earth gave them (you can watch their video on company philosophy here). That passion for nature and simplicity shows through in their approach to furniture, especially their recent Inside Green line.

Cisco Brothers Sustainable Furniture Showroom

Inside Green is made only from sustainably harvested and organic materials, and is even washed with ethical soap!!

But don’t expect a chair that looks like a dirty old tree stump! I’m not sure there’s a more stylish way to live sustainably than choosing Cisco Brothers for your next furniture purchase.

Cisco Brothers High Point Showroom

And the best news yet… we carry Cisco Brothers right here in Las Vegas!! Just give us a shout to see how you can get it into your home or business. Or if you’re outside of LV, you can search for a Cisco Brothers showroom or we can ship anything custom right to your door! The furnishings are comfortable and just plain FEEL GOOD!

In the meantime, here’s some of Cisco Brothers’ good press to get you excited! And life wouldn’t be the same without seeing me with the feel good man himself, CISCO, right in his own showroom kitchen!

Cisco Brothers Showroom Kitchen

Let’s talk about sustainability below. Leave a comment to let me know what inspires you and your family to buy sustainable goods for your home? What design elements if any do you look for?

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