Small Businesses, Big Impacts!

Happy spring, Inside Style fans! Our blog has emerged from its winter hibernation with some exciting news: Inside Style was recently nominated for the 2013 Family Owned Business Awards sponsored by Nevada Business Magazine and Nevada State Bank. We’re in the“Whippersnapper” category, which is fitting, given how fresh and stylish we aim to be.

The awards will be given out later in May, but even to be nominated for recognition is a great honor for us.  Awards like these recognize the cultural and economic potential of small, family-run businesses, which remain at the heart and soul of every great community. The next time you visit us on Main Street in downtown Las Vegas, just take a look around at the incredible energy being created by independently owned small businesses—antique stores, bars, restaurants, galleries, and more. We are inspired every day by this urban vitality and are proud to be part of a design community that is making Las Vegas one of the new creative hotspots in the country.
U.S. Senator Harry Reid knows what’s up, too.  He gave us a figurative high-five with this gracious letter about the Nevada Family Owned Business Award:

Thanks, Senator Reid! (And, more recently, thanks Mayor Goodman, too, for our “adventure” together in Carson City!)

Bottom line: spring is here, the weather’s fine, and there are some amazing small, independent businesses downtown ready to delight you. So come on down to the Arts District and say hello! The “whippersnappers” at Inside Style (that’d be us) are feeling inspired and ready to make your design dreams come true.

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Jill Abelman

Jill is the Mad Designer on a mission. Leading her team with an unforgettable personality and impeccable taste, clients know to come to her for the best. With the characteristic "organiglam" style and a decided air of good taste, she'll tell you, once and for all, what works in the best home designs.

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