Prizer Hoods: Mastering the Art of Range Hoods

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What’s under your hood? Usually that question refers to a souped-up engine in a car. Nobody would have thought this question could be just as relevant for a kitchen hood.

Prizer Hoods are handcrafted and made-to-order in Reading, PA. They offer over 750 colors, 15 custom metals, 10 textures, 42 profiles, and unique trim options.

Kim Lewis,  the lead designer for ABC’s TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,whom we had the extreme pleasure of meeting at the Architectural Home and Design show, had opinions on the kitchen hood. She said, “Each hood is to be viewed as an individual piece of art similar to the pieces one would find in an art gallery. There is something for each type of client: color, texture, shape, and finish combinations galore!”

Sound like an exaggeration?? Have a look at them and see for yourself!


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When we’ve designed kitchens in the past, one of my most dreaded tasks was to search hundreds of hoods for more of the same stainless steel boxes.

Clients no longer need to stick with boring standard hoods in their gorgeous kitchen renovations. Now there are options available to make a true statement. I think I have Interior Designer’s Kitchens-Gone-By hood remorse now!!

When you think about it, the kitchen really is the most important room in the home. We spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, whether that’s preparing food, dining with our family, or creating memories at parties and holidays! It’s well worth the additional expense to add another personalization to your home decor and make it truly memorable and special.

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