Photography Lessons at Miele New York & Chef Cedric Dinner

Finally, onto new things… our first excursion to the Miele Showroom!!!! Wow! Located in the amazing A&D Building, it was a dream come true!! What a trip!!!

To begin, we were treated to a food styling and photography class with William and Susan Brinson of House of Brinson at the Miele USA showroom. Their work is incredible! We learned so much about the art of styling a beautiful photo shoot with food… and it whet our appetites for the next amazing event.
Picture this, literally! We were learning about food photography and at the same time a delicious meal was being prepared for us down the hall in the Miele test kitchen. And who was preparing this meal for us, you ask? Oh, none other than Chef Cedric Vongerichten of Perry Street Restaurant, son of renowned chef Jean-Georges. Not only was his food spectacular, but he wasn’t hard on the eyes either 🙂

Each dish of this four-course meal was not only delicious, but visually stunning. Let me know if you think I was a good photography student 😉 I think I may need a few more lessons, but I’ll await your responses before I sign up for my next continuing education class or hire a photography intern. {Yes, I will take your applications….hehe.} What a great opportunity to practice our new food photography techniques, no matter what you think of my skills. 🙂

Miele Food

Check out the menu of the items Chef Cedric prepared for us. Marc was most “egg-cited” about the first course, no yoke! LOL. MY favorites were the melt-in-your-mouth lamb chops with the seriously silky artichokes and the CHOCOLATE pudding with crystallized violets.


My photo of the dessert doesn’t do it justice. And, to be honest, I’m surprised I even stopped to take a picture before digging in. It was soooooo good!!


Can you believe we did all of this in ONE day!!?? My goodness, we were exhausted, but elated to have experienced so much. Each day spent on the Modenus #BlogTourNYC has been absolutely fabulous. Look out for my recap of BlogTour Day 2 at the Miele Manhattan Showroom… there’s so much more to share. 🙂

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