Off the Wall…our “go to guys”!!

Off the Wall Art & Framing are our “go to guys”.

They specialize in:

  • Custom Art, Framing and Mirrors
  • Furniture and Art Installation
  • Furniture Receiving and Storage
  • Furniture Repair

Strong business relationships are something we strive hard to nurture and we understand how vital they are to the success of our business.   Edi and the staff at Off the Wall are quick to accommodate our needs (from framing to client furniture installations) and make working with them efficient and easy.

We love working with them and wanted to share them with you!

There website:

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Jill Abelman

Jill is the Mad Designer on a mission. Leading her team with an unforgettable personality and impeccable taste, clients know to come to her for the best. With the characteristic "organiglam" style and a decided air of good taste, she'll tell you, once and for all, what works in the best home designs.

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