Designing Movie Worthy Flower Arrangements with Tess Casey #BlogTourNYC

Yesterday was Day 2 of our fabulous New York City blog tour. If you’re not already following us, please search Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the hashtag: #BlogTourNYC to follow along.

Needless to say, Day 2 did not disappoint! We started our day in the flower district of New York City….ahhhhhh……need I say more!!??! Yes! Of course, the pictures speak a thousand words but I want to give you the insider’s view of the life of a New Yorker.

Beautiful Vignette with Buddhas at local floral shop

Beautiful Vignette with Buddhas at local floral shop

First we were treated to  a personalized tour of the insider view of the floral industry by none other than Tess Casey at Aisling Flowers (sponsored by LA’s West Edge Design Fair). You may not know her name, but I bet you know her work! She designs flowers for the film industry and television. Do you remember the fabulous flowers in Jessica Parker’s wedding on Sex and the City?  Yep, that was her! Did you know, she had to make not one, but FIFTY wedding bouquets because they shoot scenes multiple times and the flowers have to look identical in each and every shot.

Jessica Parker’s wedding on Sex and the City

Jessica Parker’s wedding on Sex and the City

On top of that,  they knew Carrie was going to smash Mr. Big in the face with them  so they had to choose flowers that would disintegrate upon impact so they didn’t get sued for facial lacerations!  The hype was so hush hush about Carrie’s dress, that Tess had paparazzi following her trying to get a glimpse of her paperwork! They KNEW she had a photograph of the much anticipated dress! Even the director wasn’t privy to the final selection!  And when she finally appeared the director said.. “ I don’t normally cuss so please excuse my French, but she has a Fuckin’ BIRD on her head!”  {ha ha ha!} I was thinking the same thing!!


She told us some more great stories about movies she was involved in and the last hour – all 17 of us  fellow Bloggers made our own arrangements with her coaching. It was so much fun to see how different everyone’s arrangements were even though we all had the same flowers to work with!  Much to my surprise, my husband Marc made a really beautiful arrangement.

The wholesale flower shops were fascinating – There were so many varieties  and colors of common flowers that I had never seen before. The selection wasn’t the only amazing part, you should see the prices! The floral industry is an international business and some of these flowers came from Ethiopia, Israel, South America and of course our beloved tulip factory on Earth – Holland. It was amazing to me that they can get them from such faraway destinations  here in a couple days!


Did you know you don’t have to put fresh flowers in water to keep them alive? Once they are cut – many can survive in refrigeration for 2 to 3 weeks! Once they become a little wilted, cut the stems at an angle and dip the ends in HOT water; this releases the air bubble that is likely in the stem keeping them from “drinking in” the water.  More than likely, they will perk right up after following these instructions!

Other films Tess has styled flowers for recently are Blacklist Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Winters Tale Wolf of Wall Street, and Twilight. Have you seen any of these movies? Remember any of the flowers in particularly? If so, let us know by commenting below.

Tomorrow we are off to the Architectural Digest Home Show and we will also see the DIFFA designs. Dreams are coming true here in Manhattan!!! Thank you Modenus to arranging such a phenomenal tour!  Stay tuned for more design adventures and be sure to read yesterday’s post about our first day on the blog tour if you haven’t already.

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