Luxury at Poggenpohl

Luxury at Poggenpohl

I was recently included on a wonderful tour of a Poggenpohl  Design Studio in downtown Los Angeles. As you can see, their aesthetic is very modern so I was shocked to know they recently celebrated their 125 year anniversary! This  makes them the oldest kitchen company in business. They now employ over 500 designers  worldwide and produce cabinetry for over 70 countries out of their original headquarters in Herford, Germany.

I love this first kitchen with the combination of white lacquer and light wood to “warm it up.”

How gorgeous is this built-in wine cabinet and all of the accent lighting?


This vignette reminded me of being at your very own Sushi Bar!

There are very few companies this this long of a history. Clearly, they have kept up with trends and created many of them in regards to kitchen design.

Full disclosure – I can’t cook! Not to save my life!… ( luckily my hubby is a gourmet cook!) but I was still drooling over the Poggenpohl cabinetry we experienced on the “LA design trail” with Dwell on Design’s weekend event.

Here is an “early days” design..  What an incredible contrast to the very fashion forward modern designs of today! It is clear that they have remained innovators and creators to stay in business and thrive over this period of time. 

This image is from 1939!

And this one is from 1914!

The concept that your supplies should come to you – instead of reaching waaaaaay into the back of the cabinets is embraced here! Some of the functions reminded me of the luxury automobiles like Tesla – the way the cabinets opened up with just a slight touch!

This was the best! Just press the Poggenpohl title for a quick demonstration.



Many of the designs have switches to light up your backsplash and generally add just a little more “Wow factor” to your kitchen, the ‘Heart of the home.”

For those who want “everything in it’s place” you will go crazy for the new Ceramics addition to the line.  Crisp white canisters to match and hold all your favorite ingredients as well as plenty of drawer dividers for all of your supplies and cooking utensils.


This line is completely customizable – with a wide array or wood look, painted, glass and lacquer options. They have also partnered with Miele, the well known appliance line for seamless incorporation of your favorite appliances and Espresso machine. Forget waiting in line for coffee!

The lead time for your custom kitchen is only 14-16 weeks and Poggenpohl will send a certified Poggenpohl installer to your project no matter the location.  This is great news for all of us without a local showroom nearby!

All of the designers on our tour LOVED this Gaggenau cooktop with the yummy brushed gold accents. Designing your custom kitchen can be your own personal art form!

In any home, the kitchen serves as the place where meals are shared and memories are made, so it makes sense to treat yourself and your guests to the most luxurious experience possible..

For more information on this wonderful line, please visit  

And Dwell on Design would love to see you at next year’s event!  I know we’ll be there! 

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