Pons des Arts Bridge locks

Locked Up in Paris

Pons des Arts Bridge in Paris

While in Paris I had it on our itinerary to visit Ponts des Arts bridge – a bridge that dates back to 1802! (I know, I know… of all the things to see in Paris we want to see a bridge. I’m an architecture nerd at heart 🙂

But this is no ordinary old bridge. Couples come to the Ponts des Ars bridge to put their names on a padlock, attach it to the bridge, and throw the key into the Seine River to represent their commitment and love. I think in the States we call this “locking your man in”….

Pons des Arts Bridge pile of locks

Pons des Arts Bridge locks with initials

So of course I wasn’t going to miss out on leaving my little mark in Paris. We bought a lock from a street vendor (so conveniently located right beside the bridge), and this Southern girl of course lettered on a quick monogram of our initials! 

Pons des Arts Bridge initials

I was totally fascinated by all the different locks and inscriptions on them.

Pons des Arts Bridge locks

Anyone else been to the Pons des Arts bridge? Would you “lock it up” if you went to Paris?

Pons des Arts Bridge Paris

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