Kitchen Makeover Magic

Kitchen Makeover Magic

unspecified-5As an interior designer, “getting published” is the next best thing to having super happy clients when you finish a project.  So imagine our delight when our Summerlin kitchen remodel was featured with several others in a “Kitchen Makeover” blog on none other than Martha Stewart’s site! :
But to share a little behind the scenes story!… Our clients, a young couple with no kids,  had just moved from LA and were thrilled to find their money went ALOT farther in Las Vegas. They found a moderately priced home in a beautiful neighborhood but the home wasn’t all they hoped for.

Our mission was to overhaul the outdated small kitchen, remodel the master bath and to redesign and  outfit the entire 3 bedroom home with  all new furnishings.



It took our contractor No time to rip out the offensive OAK cabinets.. YUCK!  and as you can see by the ceiling in the 2nd photo, we also removed a small non-functional wine room that separated the two spaces  to give us a wonderful great room feel! IMG_5544

Marsha, our client, asked for an East Coast , slightly traditional feel.  We were able to build a huge center island to facilitate  her large family parties and love of cooking.

unspecified-4 unspecified-3She loved the simple, white subway tile.  We “sacrificed” the window behind the refrigerator area to gain more cabinet space. But it didn’t matter a bit! This home has tons of windows and a “sunny side up” exposure! There is no lack of sunshine here in Las Vegas!

Next came the furnishings ..

unspecified-14And all the while, we were also working on the master bath remodel. We couldn’t very well have a Martha Stewart worthy kitchen and leave this hot mess untouched!!

unspecified-7Yep, more oak!.. this has to go!!!

IMG_4498 IMG_5489 By moving the water line back about 2 feet, we were able to gain two precious feet more in the shower area!  We love adding fine details to the designs such as this tile “runner!”

unspecified-8unspecified-15 and  “Ta-Daaaa!!!!!”

We love nothing better than creating a great “Before and After” story for our clients!

Are you next?!!!

We want to send out a big thank you to Leslie Hendrix Wood of Hadley Court and Leslie Carothers, for including us in the Martha Stewart story. And Also, a Big Thank you  to Veronika Miller of Modenus, who is a great educator and connector in our Industry!

For more information about our design services, please email us directly at or call us at our office (702) 399-1100.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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