Nordstrom Boots

Insidestyle 12 Days of Christmas, Day 4

David Yurman Albion Ring

I know the 5 golden rings are supposed to be on the 5th day, but Lauren’s 4th day is just one ring, and nothing like the ones the song makes you think of! Maybe we’ll change the lyrics for Insidestyle – too bad “Five… David Yurman Albion Rings!” doesn’t have the same “ring” to it!

Brownstone Upholstery

In the name of a better bedroom, check out Kelly’s indulgent bed idea from Brownstone Upholstery!

Ferrari Bike

We could all use more exercise this time of year, so for day 4 Marc wants a bike with all the gear to help him burn his holiday decadence.

Nordstrom Boots

Today I’ll take boots in every color – or a Nordstrom’s fantasy day Gift certificate??? Love this store!

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