Another one of those “only in France-isms,” this plays on an odd little weakness of mine – and it meant I was in big trouble in Paris.

Since you walk everywhere in Paris, they have taken this “salesy,” cheesy marketing ploy and made it into equally an art form and a science, as well. As I perused the streets, I found myself suddenly mesmerized by full displays of floating lingerie (which would barely fit over my left elbow!) or ballet slippers (me? I don’t think so!) or Kush Tea.

Even though I don’t even like tea, can’t fit the skimpy lingerie, and am nowhere near interested in taking up a new life as a ballerina, in each instance I really, really  wanted to buy everything I saw! That’s how you know it’s a wonderful display! Call it the interior designer in me, but I always appreciate well thought-out displays.

I ended up settling on some perfume from a Jo Malone store and some clothing I would actually wear.

These at the top are just a few of the ones that caught my eye.

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Now, let’s see how inspired I really am… NEW INSIDESTYLE WINDOWS COMING SOON! Please leave a motivational comment on which window you like best to help get me moving on that! We want all you beautiful Las Vegans out there to see what’s brewing in our design shop.

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Jill Abelman

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