I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

Books make any home feel… well, homey. So when Jill and I created a showroom, that was one thing that we both agreed we needed to make sure found its way in there.

When we were in NYC, we stumbled into a great home decor store that had the most wonderful books that had absolutely NOTHING to do with home décor – they just inspired some great ideas.

The books I have been gravitating towards most are ones that feature art, fashion, photography, and real life moments that we connect with somehow, moments either that we aspire to have or that just emotionally charge us.

There are times when I need a moment of escape, so I go make a cup of tea (or something stronger ;), turn on some Chet Baker, sit myself in a comfortable chair or sofa, then pick up a big book and make a small detour in my day.

As the title says… I like big books I – cannot lie! Here are my 4 favorite books right now – hopefully you’ll check them out and enjoy them as much as I do!

The Pedro Almodovar Archives

Pedro Almodovar Archives

[image from hollywoodreporter.com]


Pedro Almodovar is probably the most popular Spanish filmmaker today, gaining attention even from the US indie moviegoers. He’s known for making complicated, funny, and very erotic films that can be sometimes hard to watch, but always hard to look away from. This book is a beautiful collection of images from his films with introductions from some of his favorite authors. Whether you’re into Spanish movies or not, this is a really captivating book of images to get lost in!

Helmut Newton Photography - Woman with SaddleHelmut Newton: SUMO

[image from outofordermag.com]

If you’re into fashion photography, you know Helmut Newton, whether you know it or not. Chances are if you’ve seen a sexy black-and-white portrait of someone looking very thoughtful in a Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar or in any old photography book, it was our German friend Helmut. This is a big collection of a huge portion of his significant photos you won’t want to stop marveling at.

If you have kids, it might be best to keep it off the coffee table, though 😉

Sotheby's Wine EncyclopediaSotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia

[image from barnesandnoble.com]

It’s big, beautiful, and expensive, but Sotheby’s Wine Encyclopedia is everything you will ever want to know about wine (except, of course, how it actually tastes!).

Packed full of illustrations and covering every aspect of wines all over the world, this is one of those books a wine lover can just get consumed by for hours on end.

There’s really nothing like it.


Annie Leibovitz - American Music - Iggy Pop PhotoAnnie Leibovitz: Photographs, 1970 – 1990

[image from andrewsmithgallery.com]

Annie is one of America’s most famous portrait photographers.

She’s captured some of the biggest names in show business, from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Clint Eastwood to The Rolling Stones to Yoko Ono and Ella Fitzgerald. This book is a who’s-who to leaf through and a work of art to marvel at.

What about you? Have any favorite “picture” books you like losing yourself in? Any books in general?



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