How to Create Comfortable Home Office Spaces

One of our good friends and consultants, Brenda Prinzavalli of Balanced Organizing Solutions, has a great description of a highly functional office space. She says “You should feel like a ballerina in a cockpit!” Now what the heck does that mean?! I can almost hear you say out loud… Well, an airline pilot has everything he needs at his fingertips, and so should you.


Just like a pilot knows precisely where to reach if he needs to perform any function in his airplane, you should know right where to go in your office without even thinking. Organize your work supplies this way.


And as for the ballerina part… She does everything gracefully and in one fluid movement. Just imagine combining that with your “autopilot” skills, and you have a heck of an efficient office space!!


I recently took her advice and by purchasing just a few items, like a portable file cabinet that I can take home and a portable drawer space for my desk. Before, I just used a dining table with no drawers. Seriously, these two simple additions changed my life! For the last two years I have been “perched” on a bar-top work table in my design office. I realized I was the only one in my office without a permanent workspace with all of the convenience I needed! But no more!!


Not Just Convenient

Home Office Interior Design Space

Besides being highly organized, I feel an office should be a place that makes you feel GOOD and BEAUTIFUL! (Like a ballerina?!?) Whatever that means to you is what you should do…


Is that more of a Zen atmosphere with absolutely no extra things on your desk but your laptop and pencils?? Or you might prefer a bit more personal space, as I do… I have my orchid plant, photographs pinned to the walls and a small crystal collection that reminds me of our latest trip to SF!  (A wonderful little shop in Sausalito called Dynamic Energy Crystals is always on my list of to dos!)

Home Office Interior Design Idea

This one seems almost silly to mention, but a comfortable chair is the best investment you can make. Your back should not hurt even if you do sit most of the day!


Also, lighting is paramount to a comfortable work space. Natural daylight is the best – however, if that is not possible, make sure you have a comfortable amount of light you that actually need (fluorescent lighting does NOT work for me – I’d rather have a beautiful lamp on my desk).


A Year-Round Task


Once in a while, do some spring cleaning of your desk and get rid of anything that does not serve a purpose – just like you do at home – and soon you will be on your way to a clean, functional space that is your perfect Insidestyle 🙂

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