Holiday Cheers!

Holiday Cheers!


As December ends,  like most of you, we are taking stock of our year. We feel so fortunate to live in the “Insidestyle bubble” where we are spend equal time putting  in hard work and having belly laughs!

We are excited to introduce our newest team member, Natalie Aughenbaugh.   She comes from a 30 year background in Residential Construction and Project Management. Besides being incredibly smart, she’s lovely and charming and we suspect that at least one of our clients’  makes up reasons for her to “just stop by” to get a little dose of her!  Natalie will help with Design and will be in charge of Project Management.


We are also grateful for ZARA! who is into her third year with us. 🙂

We continue to love being “downtown” where we can rent bikes from across the street and ride to lunch!

IMG_6955 3

And of course, we wouldn’t be in business without our amazing clients!  We were busier than ever  this year, creating new friendships and and many dramatic “Before and After” stories.. We thank each and every one of you for keeping us on “our mission” to create extraordinary experiences and enrich people’s lives through design!








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Lastly, we want to pay tribute to Fran, also known as our “Bunya,” who passed away  September 1st.  She was a very involved “Grandma” and “Mom” to us all.. She rarely missed a family birthday or occasion, always flying in from San Diego .. I couldn’t have asked for a more loving Mother-in- law.


Back in 2004, when Marc and I decided to start our  business, she was our most enthusiastic supporter.  It was a franchised partnership with a furniture store theme.  (Two years in, the partnership didn’t work out, but we kept it positive, changed our name to Insidestyle and kept marching!)

Fast-forward to 2011, when we fell in love with a dilapidated office building with “good bones” in the Arts District.  The building needed quite a bit of work and we really couldn’t swing both the payment for the building as well as the loan for tenant improvements.  It had no electricity,  no AC  ( yeah, that’s not gonna work in Vegas!!), no functional plumbing  and the entire facade was pretty darn ugly.  Fran surprised us by offering to help with a loan we needed to make this all happen simultaneously and in  a short time frame.

Our Building “Before”


“During Renovation”



and Now…

We will be forever grateful to Fran for her love and support. We miss her every day.

In remembering this year, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t mention the  59 families who are truly heartbroken over the tragedy and personal loss that ocurred at the Route 91 concert in October .. Our hearts go out to everyone affected..  It’s one thing to lose a family member who has had a long happy life until her late 80’s – but quite another for this.. We are all still having a hard time processing the cruel senselessness of this night.

The ONLY positive I can desperately grasp for out of this, is the “Collateral Beauty” that death leaves behind..

The heightened sensitivity and appreciation for  those loved ones that are still present in our lives.

We feel such incredible gratitude for our family,  friends, clients  and “chosen family” who have encouraged and supported us over the past 14 years!

We wish you very Happy Holidays Everyone! and a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year!

With Love and Appreciation,

Jill, Marc,  and the Insidestyle team


Special Thanks to Ryan and Jen at Square Shooting Photography!


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