Gifting for Christmas…In Style

Starting the Christmas countdown at Inside Style and just like kids we like our gifts too.Our Christmas Lists here at the office have been started.Every one seems to have that Fantasy Gift in mind and then of course a Reality Gift….

Shannon, Designer

“My Fantasy Gift would be Getaway Trip with my husband to Tahiti in a hut over the water…no house, no work, no cell phone!”

“My Reality Gift would be: Closet organization. Need I say more…& new silverware (I inherited my silverware from my mom… I have been using it since I was a kid)..its time!”

kitchen accessories



interior designing ideas

Lauren, Project Manager”My Fantasy Gift would be this lovely David Yurman bracelet or this cute Burberry coat.”

kitchen accessories  David Yurman bracelet


“My Reality… workout clothes.”
Jill, Head Designer

“My Fantasy gift would be a New Art Deco wedding ring…WHAT GIRL HAS ENOUGH DIAMONDS?

OR I would be very happy with any Beachfront Property – this one happens to be in La Jolla – where we were married!”


cute Burberry coat


workout clothes



“My Reality gifts will be few  small things that  will just “jump” into my basket while shopping for others!

Marc, CFO & Director of Marketing

“My Fantasy Gift would be a surf trip to Tahiti”

interior designing ideas


” My Reality Gift is going to  be spending the day with family, drinking some wine, and relaxing.”

How can we make  your Fantasy a Reality at Inside Style?

Wishing you a happy holiday!


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Jill Abelman

Jill is the Mad Designer on a mission. Leading her team with an unforgettable personality and impeccable taste, clients know to come to her for the best. With the characteristic "organiglam" style and a decided air of good taste, she'll tell you, once and for all, what works in the best home designs.

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