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Fabulous Meet and Greet with Famous Interior Designers

As an interior designer, it’s always a luxury and a privilege to meet famous interior designers who have inspired my journey. At the January 2015 Las Vegas Market (shhh! Don’t tell but it’s my secret favorite!), I had the chance to bump into the fabulous Carlton Varney, and let me tell you I almost died in excitement!  This is part one in a series, so make sure you stop back to see who else I met this year! Here I am “hobnobbing” with the great designer himself:

dorothy draper company owner

And he really IS this funny 🙂

Carleton Varney celebrity guest

Varney’s design talent extends from renovating hotels to yacht and cruise ship interiors to product lines and writing design books and novels. If that wasn’t enough, he also learned from one of the best: Dorothy Draper! She always used to tell him, “Don’t show me anything that looks like gravy.” So he has made a killing in all things “color.”


Carleton Varney’s charming southern gentleman style only enhances his very impressive list of clientele. Not only that, as the president of Dorthy Draper & Co, he has seen his designs associated with the restoration and decoration of countless hotels and resorts all over the world. For all of that, he is a very humble and down to earth man. I’m actually finding that common with famous interior designers, cool, huh?

architectural digest varney feature

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest 

Carleton Varney is definitely not afraid of color. In fact, he is very often associated with the adventurous use of bold contracts and vibrant patterns (just like me!). But his penchant for design doesn’t stop there. A man of many talents,Varney has a versatility and flexibility to design in the furniture, lighting, dinnerware, and linen space. His philosophy stands on the rejection of all that is impractical, uncomfortable and drab. I can totally get behind that!

interior design LA times

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Times

Patterned flooring seems to be one of Carleton’s signature looks, giving each room a characteristic punch from the floor up!

moroccan theme interior design

Photo Credit: Palm Beach Daily News 

I truly enjoyed experiencing the incredible mind of Carleton Varney first hand. I think his travel-inspired décor is perfect for the lively spirit and art culture of Vegas. This is a famous interior designer I wouldn’t mind meeting again. Or working with. Or learning from ☺


Just another reason I love what I do … and I love Las Vegas Market!

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