New York City Peasant's Restaurant

Eating at a “Dive” of a Restaurant in NYC!

It was our very first night of the Blog Tour. We met at our “home” for the next 5 days – Sanctuary Hotel – and everyone was a little nervous. After all, none of us had ever met each other before! We knew each other a little online, but would we really like each other in person???

After a brief orientation, we all piled into three Uber cars, which I loved when I was in Paris!  Always a Black Navigator or Denali to hold all of us – and off we went to our dinner reservations.

When we arrived, we all followed our tour guide Veronika Miller down an underground stairway. I thought to myself, Where is she taking us? There wasn’t even a restaurant sign!

Underground NYC Restaurant Entrance

[Where are they taking us??? In New York city, usually the underground space is used for storage or trash, but in this case, they made a very cozy, beautiful restaurant out of it!]

But as soon as the door opened, a collective “AHHHHH…!” could be heard. It was so COOL!  Someone had creatively taken this storage space under the streets of New York and turned it into a stylish secret destination!

Peasant Restaurant NYC

[This is the entire restaurant!]

The tables were set beautifully, and each one of us had a beautiful gift bag filled with goodies. My favorite was the Kiehl’s skincare products – I actually am a big Kiehl’s fan (I use them every day already 🙂

Kiehl's Gift Bags

[Our table was set beautifully and this gift bag was chock-full of treasures including a sample kit from Kiehl’s, my favorite skincare line, which I use this every day – Now you know my “secret!”]

I wish I would have taken photos of the food, but we were too busy getting to know each other – and Laughing! Clearly, this was going to be a very fun group!

New York City Peasant's Restaurant

[This pic cracks me up: when you’re on a Social Media Bog Tour, I guess you can expect almost everyone to be on their phones! I see four of us in this pic tuned in…]

The food was an array of delicious pasta, pizza, bread, and olives, followed by glasses and glasses of white wine (can you say Carbo-loading!?). If only I knew we would be running a marathon… just not the kind you normally think of! Our waiter was so quiet, and I swear I hardly ever saw him – but our glasses (somehow) were never empty!

There was an entire restaurant of folks behind us – but we never even noticed! We were having too much fun to care, and the food (and wine…) just kept coming! All in all a perfect night with amazing food and great people.

If you are in NYC and want to have a unique dining experience, I highly recommend Peasant! It won’t disappoint!

And make sure to keep up with the rest of our NYC adventures by heading over to Blog Tour Day 2!

Peasant is located at 194 Elizabeth St. New York, New York 10012

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