DESIGNER’S PICK: Best Bedroom Furniture at High Point Market

The key to any great bedroom isn’t just making it a nice place to sleep – it’s making it a nice place to spend a third of your life!

I found some fantastic bedroom exhibits in High Point Market. Each of them have the feel of comfort and subtle style that make them ideal for coming home to after a long day, kicking back in at night… or cuddling up in with someone special!

Bedroom Interior Design Concept Color

For this last market, I was shopping for 15 clients’ homes, and as you know, most homes have at least three bedrooms… so I was a busy girl! I won’t stereotype, but many clients have a few requests that I hear time and time again… They want a relaxing, calm space with enough storage room to hide all their “stuff,” a comfortable and elegant bed, and a nice place to sit and read…

All these are great bedroom features, but people hire me to take it up a few notches above the typical – and here’s how I do it!!

Setting the Scene

Bedroom Interior Design Art

Notice how each of these spaces is heavy in neutral tones… lots of lovely greys and low-key art for that CALM feeling we are all chasing! Plus, there are splashes of color to complement them for just a hint of “life.”

Bedroom Design Using Mirror with Lights

And did you pick up those mirrors? You know how I love using mirrors for opening up spaces! They tend to be close to the main lighting, helping control and enhance the brightness in a room that values darkness.

Interior Design Bedroom Gray and Yellow

Even though most of these rooms speak “Neutralese,” I adore a bedroom filled with color and cozy pillows. In my “single” days I had a hot pink bedroom in my beachfront space and it was amazing! (How did I end up in Las Vegas from the beach???  That is too long a story for this post!) The point is, don’t be afraid to express yourself in the most personal room of the house!

Making Your Bedroom a Work-Free Zone

First of all, I am against electronics in the bedroom, as I want my body to think of the bedroom as a place to RELAX… so if my phone is in the room = I am working! Notice no big screens in these rooms, either!

Bedroom Interior Design HeadboardsBedroom Interior Design Headboards

Next, you might have noticed how plush (yet tasteful) these beds’ headboards are. They fit the color scheme of the room and add just enough presence to enhance the comfort level. The area rugs also not only help balance the room, but add some coziness for those cold nights when the icy floor would give your feet a big shock!

Bedroom Interior Design with Plants

And finally, I love the quaint “living” spaces. Remember, a bedroom isn’t just about sleeping, it’s about relaxing. Now imagine yourself sitting back with a good book and a glass of wine in one of these!!

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Jill Abelman

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