Casa Perfect in LA!

Casa Perfect in LA!

Traveling through the hills in Los Angeles in an Uber caravan full of giddy designers .. We were having so much fun chatting, we never realized that our lunch destination, Casa Perfect, was nowhere near any other restaurants.. As we pulled up to a gilded iron gate, it opened to reveal a gorgeous home set high on a hill in Los Angeles. A collective “AHHHHHH!!!” rang out as we all leaped out to start taking photos!

We were all on a Blog tour organized by Modenus and we all participated in a flurry of fun events put on by Dwell on Design’s conference and the concurrent #LAdesigntrail.

This home was a dream! The “Home” tour wasn’t scheduled to happen until Sunday – so at first, I was a bit perplexed why we were lucky enough to be welcomed into this historic home in a VERY fancy-schmancy neighborhood.

It didn’t take long to find out!

Casa Perfect is a Living Art Gallery. Everything in this home is for sale!!
OH! and being from Las Vegas, it was of particular interest to find out that ELVIS PRESLEY lived here from 1966-1973! He was married to Priscilla and they had their daughter Lisa Marie while they were living here.

This secluded Gallery, located high up on a hill in LA in an exclusive estate, is “by appointment only.” I can almost hear you thinking, “How do they stay in business?”.. and of course being the inquisitive entrepreneur I am, I asked.

David shared, “We have been really lucky to have received a lot of great press. We have been featured in Architectural Digest as well as many other national publications. And most folks who come through here, post on Social Media and the word has just spread.”
Currently, they are hosting 4-5 parties per day. They also host special events like book signings.
David also shared that the collection is constantly being changed up. So if you were to visit Casa Perfect a few months later, expect to see new things. They plan to move the Gallery to another home when this lease is up. “Perhaps a Victorian or a Tudor home would be fun!” he said.

This was my favorite stop on our weekend as it had me dreaming about business in a whole new light. I love it when someone takes a concept – in this case retail – and does it in an entirely new and unexpected way.

It also sparked my design imagination. The eclectic array of furnishings and decorative objects were completely unexpected. Nothing “matched”… Again…”Ahhhhhhh!…” Here is our group of Designhounds! and David..

For more information on how you can visit, go to @thefutureperfect.
And to follow the latest trends and worldwide travels of Modenus and the Design hounds, please visit

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