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BlogTour Is Coming to Vegas!

I “met” Veronika Miller via twitter in May of 2011 when we were in NYC for ICFF (the International Contemporary Furniture Fair). It was the usual Twitter feed asking for highlights from the show. I use the word “met” pretty loosely here!

Fast forward to 2013 – BlogTour is in Vegas and our paths crossed again. This time we got to really meet and work together in person. She wanted something I really love to help people find: some one-of-a-kind aspects of Vegas that really set it apart, outside of the usual stuff – off the Strip, if you will.

As a rep for our local arts district, I told Veronika about some of the little-known sights and places that could help the BlogTour experience Vegas in completely new way over the course of this video we did together…

Eventually we were offered a chance to go on BlogTourNYC (which you can read about from Jill in her BlogTourNYC blog recap) – we were so thrilled about this opportunity to spend the time in NYC with not just Veronika, but my fellow bloggers.

So during this trip I got to know Veronika and our design blog community much better. This is always something that excites me: experiencing new products and information with other people always pushes me to learn things in new ways that I would have never thought of. That’s how we grow as not just professionals and designers, but as people.

I am so appreciative of the relationship I have with Veronika and my fellow bloggers (Jeanne Chung, Typhanie Peterson, Jeffery Johnson, Marcy Michaud, Deborah Main, Alison Habermehl, Maureen Coates, Paola Thomas, Faith Sheridan, and Vicki Bolick). Thank you all for bringing fresh ideas, innovative thinking, and, most of all, fun.

Soon they will all (hopefully all of them) be here in our very own Las Vegas for the Next BlogTourVegas, and I can return the favor by offering the proud local’s perspective of a place most people only know for the neon lights and crazy nights. There is already a packed schedule for them – so I’m sure Vegas will still live up to its name for everyone.

I can’t wait to host everybody…. I am going to blow them away by showing them what we really have to offer here.

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