Plaid Friday

Black Friday? Let’s Start Plaid Friday!

Black Friday sounds so dark…

Plaid Friday, now that is better in so many ways!

The Friday after today is one of the busiest shopping days of the year, so why not make it fun and colorful

instead of dark and foreboding? Let’s make this movement about supporting one-of-a-kind mom and pop shops – and of course, your favorite Las Vegas small businesses.

But why would I shop local instead of the great deals that brand xyz has?

For one thing, you’re not just throwing money at the latest gizmo everybody out there has. You’re buying a gift that’s truly unique, something you can’t find anywhere else, something that might even be handmade and literally one-of-a-kind.

Second, why wouldn’t you want to avoid the crazy crowds and risk losing an eye to an angry sleep-deprived mommy? Fight and competing with others to save a few dollars… is that really in the holiday spirit?


Holiday spirit is about giving, kindness, love, and connecting with family and friends. When you shop in a local store you feel more connected with the community, and perhaps even make a new friend since you won’t be trying to beat everyone to the last 10%-off iPad. Plus, you’ll be giving to locals who are out there trying to make a living doing what they love. What’s not great about that?

We usually have wine or snacks out for whoever stops in to visit because we believe it is truly about connecting with our community. We want to have as much fun as we’re legally allowed to have with you!

It is more “organic” when you keep dollars local – the money stays in the area and you are more likely to be supported yourself.

Maybe this is not for everyone… perhaps some people think climbing over other people and saving a few dollars is a good time. If that’s you, then by all means, do Black Friday instead.

So this Black Friday, why not ditch the funeral color and go Plaid instead? Wouldn’t you rather get something that makes people say, WOW! 

Where did you get that?! instead of I got my son one of those – how much did you pay for it?

In the meantime, we are doing a raffle! So sign up in the store and like us on FB and we’ll announce the winner in the next week.

Think you’ll be going Plaid instead of Black this year? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!


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Jill Abelman

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