If you’ve been to High Point Market, you know that there is just a massive onslaught of gorgeousness that floods your senses. Picking standouts and favorites is an art form in itself… but I’ll try to do it here!!


The large gold flower in 4 parts framed in Lucite is 48″ square and very impactful in person! I am hoping it will be the conduit to tie together an entry where our clients have a very traditional gold crystal chandelier that was recently inherited and then we are trying to transition the attached hallway and living room into a more modern look.

I realize as I look back that I love anything with a truly natural texture.


The wooden wall plaques are going to be used in an upcoming living room where we have an expanse of wall that is at least 30 feet long and 15 feet high. I plan to paint the wall orange behind them to really make them pop.

Photo Apr 06, 2 10 16 PM.jpg

I also love anything that resembles a tree or parts of a tree, and this was a very popular theme at market!


Love the antique hat stands (you know how I love French design inspiration!) – we are excited to be creating a “modern updated Tuscan look” for clients in Seven Hills, and this will add a touch of whimsy to the massive bookshelves in their home.


I am not normally a “bird lover,” but I couldn’t resist the cockatoo dipped in silver. This isn’t your average “bird art” – it’s got a super modern touch to it that makes it truly a unique piece.

High Point Market Bird Fixture

I had to contradict myself again with yet another bird fixture, but really, you don’t have to be a “bird person” to absolutely love these!

Nataraja Dancing Shiva Statue

And finally, no home decor market would be complete without a little Hindu influence, which brings us to this beautiful Nataraja piece.

Of course I could go and on with these, but I’d recommend you head down to High Point Market and see it all to pick your own favorites!

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