Alios Entertainment and Architectural Lighting

We first met Todd VonBastiaans (of AliosEntertainment and Architectural Lighting) last year at an event showcasing some of the lighting manufactures that he carries.

Please note the lighting on this piece!

Please note the lighting on this piece!


In getting to know him, he is a renaissance man, with lighting, art, creating a better community , he does it all.

1st lighting, Lighting is one of the most important components in showcasing whatever you do and if you look at what he has done it is evident.

Light enhances  without needing to be the star of the show… unless you want her to be.

Art, His eye for Art is amazing in many ways from his creations to his collection and it is some of the most thought provoking in the Arts district.

The way he welcomed us to the neighborhood has been a tremendous help to understanding our new home.

We need more people like Todd in our community are lives are better because of what you bring to the neighborhood.

Thanks for all you do!

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Jill Abelman

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