Adventures with the Mayor

Well the title sounds a lot more fun than the reality (except for a little wine and hors d’oeuvres).

Inside Style is committed to creating a better community (as evidenced by our letter from Senator Reid!), and one of the causes we are involved in is AB 50, which extends the sunset on the Redevelopment agency funds. These funds are important because they help develop businesses in designated areas, and one of those is Downtown Las Vegas. Inside Style is located in Downtown and has benefited from the grants that are available.

The adventure to Carson City was about helping make sure that funds would continue to the RDA. The Downtown Las Vegas Alliance, or DLVA, helped organize the trip and a cocktail hour with the congress people, assembly people, and, yes, Mayor Goodman, plus City Manager Betsy Fretwell, Rich Worthington, Bill Arent, Terry Murphy, and many more joined in to make sure new businesses keep moving into redevelopment  areas.

We’ll be getting back to some personal real estate adventures for the next post. Check out the 6 Ugly Truths about it here!

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Jill Abelman

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