9 Funky Fridges to Spice Up Your Kitchen Design

Just like how sometimes the humble ceiling fan can either be treated as a useful appliance or a chic interior feature, you can use your refrigerator to make a real statement in the kitchen (which isn’t always a good thing!). To help you keep your cold foods cold and your kitchen cool this summer, here’s some inspiration.

European Chic


[from appliancist.com]


These days vintage is always in, almost as much as faux-vintage. The same is true for European-inspired simplicity, which is why Gorenje’s line is perfect for lots of kitchens. These are like mid-century America meets IKEA, so you get the best of both worlds!






Cubbie Fridge Idea

[from theletter.co.uk]

Cubbies, Anyone?

Bring out your inner-kindergartener with this flashy fridge!

If organization is a problem (or even an obsession) for you, you’ll probably either hate or love having several compartments for your foods, though it seems like you have to have a pretty specific color scheme in your kitchen to make this work.

Now if only I could remember where I put the cheese….





Smeg Fridge Idea

[from maxwellselectrical.co.uk]



Similar to the Gorenje, SMEG brings the best of European and vintage American styles together, but with a much funkier twist. Bring some uber-pastels into your kitchen and keep things bright with this option.





Smeg Surf Fridge Idea

[from aspoke.com]

Surf’s Up

Everyone loves the beach, right? In Nevada, we’re close enough to California to pine for it, but way to far to get to it, so this can keep that nostalgia going.

Unfortunately this isn’t – at the moment – an actual buyable fridge, but it’s inspirational nonetheless!





Get Personal

Custom Fridge Idea

[from designhub.wordpress.com]


Now GE does custom fridges, so you can personalize yours with whatever makes you happy when you go for the milk every morning. Hopefully you’re not obsessed enough to make this fridge a reality… but to each their own, right?







Luxury Fridge Idea

[from digsdigs.com]

A New Level of Luxury

How much luxury do you need in your kitchen? If you need a contraption like this, then probably quite a lot.

Meneghini offers this nautical-theme-appropriate piece of furniture that’s secretly everything your kitchen needs to the most seaworthy of us out there.





Go Geek

Video Game Fridge Idea

[from homecrux.com]


You can’t actually buy this exact fridge, but you can customize yours to look just like it thanks to adhesive decals. Whatever you love, prove that love to the world – or your kitchen, at least!






Manhattan Fridge Idea

[from calfinder.com]


New York Style

Italian company Coolors offers a line of custom fridges and paneling, giving you another personalized option for your kitchen. This Manhattan choice is pretty convincing.






The Future Is Now

Futuristic Fridge Idea

[from gizmodo.com.au]


Leave it to Samsung to make a super-functional fridge like this one. Looking like a set piece for a 1960s sci-fi movie, this cool fridge can be used horizontally or switched to vertical. You probably never even knew you wanted that option until now. You’re welcome!!








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