7 Off the Wall Interior Wallpaper Design Ideas

Thinking about redoing your interior walls and need ideas? Wallpaper isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for alternatives to paint… I can’t say that all of these are good ideas, but I can say they certainly jump right off the wall!

High Traffic Area



Maybe busy design is your thing, and if it is, you might love this! Talk about a design that’s hard to ignore!

Usually people want their walls to pacify or sort of fade into the background, but this design does none of that. And this is for a bedroom! I can’t imaging falling asleep with this to stare at all night.







Do the Polka

Polka dots are great… to an extent. A polka dot wallpaper might seem like a good idea in theory, but when you see it spread over an entire room like this, you start to see how you’d probably get a headache if you looked at it too long.






Hello, Birdie

Sarah's House 4 Powder Room




This one’s actually pretty cute, if you’re a bird-lover. It’s a tad on the busy side, and seems like would be a little hard to get used to if it covered an entire room, but the print on its own could be great to use in a kid’s room or a spare room you use only occasionally.









Wallpaper Stickers

Speaking of cute prints for kids rooms… how great is this? This isn’t a wallpaper in the sense we’ve been talking about, but there are lots of places you can find wall stickers like these to cover a bare wall and turn a boring room into the most fun room ever!




Let’s Face It




This is one of those interior design ideas you’ll either absolutely love or hate. Maybe you like have a bunch of old-timey faces looking at you all the time, maybe you don’t, maybe you just like the color and design concept. Either way, this is definitely one of the more interesting prints you’ll find in a home!







Flower Power

Love flowers? The color scheme here really pops in a subtle kind of way, and the flowers are just present enough to be cute without overpowering. This will probably be a great idea for a lot of people, that is, unless you’re not into the whole cute thing!






Split It Up




If you’re looking for a really distinctive, really unique way to decorate your interior walls, you might be into one of these dual-print concepts. Who said you have to have the same print throughout an entire room?

That’s it for these stand-out wall patterns. Looking for more, well, interesting design concepts? We’ve got 21 of them right here!






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