6 Design Ideas for Entertaining This Summer

The sun is shining, the weather is warm, the 4th of July is just around the corner, people are grilling outside, swimming pools are inviting us for a swim, some people are off work for a while… Summer is very definitely here, and for lots of people that means one thing – entertaining more guests! It also means a lot of other things, but that’s the most fun one.

Whether you’re entertaining inside or outside this summer, here are some fantastic design ideas to help you impress and entertain whoever comes by your home over the next few months!

Use the Sun to Stay Cool

Solar Powered Fan Idea

[from ecofriend.com]

Sound impossible? Not when you’ve got a handy-dandy solar-powered fan!

Most portable/stationary fans are, well, let’s just say not chic, especially when a manufacturer has to add in the extra component of solar panels. Concept fans like this one show these can actually look as cool as they feel, though!

The benefit of solar power – aside from being greener – is you can put fans like these anywhere outside while your guests are lounging and not worry about extension cords trailing all over the place.



Blue Painted Room Idea

[from BS2H.com]

Lighten Up

Light is the name of the game when entertaining in your home during the summer. When people are over during the day, you’ll want to make the most of the abundant natural light to give that real summer feeling, and applying light colored paint helps optimize that brightness.





Bottoms Up

Summer Drink Idea

[from 2.bp.blogspot.com]


How cute are these? Rather than having your guests run in and out of the kitchen when having an outdoors event (or making your husband sit behind the bar the whole time!) to re-freshen their drinks, keep a big batch on-hand at all times in super-summery pitchers like these.

Sangria, anyone?





Summer Paisley Idea

[from confettistyle]


Paisley Up?

No design screams “Summer!” quite like paisley (or maybe watermelon print?), so consider handkerchief-esque patterns like these for your napkins or tablecloths to really round out the summer ambiance.





String It Together


[from lowes.com]


Got a gazebo? To make the most out of it when the sun goes down, bring some string lights into the picture to keep the whole space well-lit and equally lit. You don’t want too much light or uneven lighting, so this is a great solution.





Summer Fruit Idea

[from mydreamweddingdecorations.co

 Get Fruity

Another staple of summer is fresh fruit, primarily of the juicier variety. Ideas like this may or may not be the most practical, but the key is to remember to incorporate vibrant, colorful fruits into not just your food and drink, but your décor too!







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