59 Things We Do Around Here…

I’m not saying we only do 59 things around here, but these are some of the more interesting things! For those of you who have been wondering just what the glamorous life of an interior designer is like… well, here’s a look!!

1) Answer the phone

2) File invoices

3) Check order statuses

4) Interview and schedule new client meetings

5) Meet with contractors to coordinate jobs

interior design fabric

6) Show clients samples or fabrics and floorings

7) Give guided tours of our new office space

8) Create design presentations for clients

9) Source furniture from our library of hundreds of resources

10) Meet with sales reps to find out what the latest new styles are

11) Process all orders and make payments on invoices


12) Attend Las Vegas Market twice a year to see all the new items

13) Visit homes to make sure projects are going well

14) Laugh at each other!

15) Coordinate paint samples

16) Manage installation of all new items in homes

17) Eat ice cream on special occasionsInterior Design Check

18) Collaborate to put together an amazing presentation for clients

19) Interview and listen to our clients’ needs

20) Take an active role in the 18b Arts District

21) Get to know our neighbors

22) Process hundreds of purchase orders each month

23) Update our resources library with new fabrics and books

24) Attend High Point Furniture Market to preview new lines and introductions

Interior Design Warehouse25) Unload freight orders (sometimes in high heels)

26) Keep hairspray handy

27) Constantly call on pending orders for our clients

28) Take great care in picking out just the right fabrics for upholstery jobs

29) Make sure we have the right light bulbs for every fixture we deliver

30) Make unique requests – like an Upholstered Faux Fur wall – come true!

31) Get custom art from local and national artists

31) Listen to all kinds of music – depending on who has control of Pandora!

32)  Put together digital presentations for our-long distance clients

33)  Show customers all the great custom upholstery we can do

34) Compare who has the best lunch!

35) Work with custom cabinet builders to make one-of-a kind pieces for homes

36) Make messes by pulling out tons of fabric samples to find just the right ones

37) Constantly change the AC (it’s too hot, it’s too cold!)

38) Check the status of incoming orders

Interior Design Star Furniture

39) Move accessories and furniture around the showroom for a fresh new look

40) Enjoy learning the history of Las Vegas

41) Go above and beyond for our clients

42) Schedule multiple appointments every day

43) Get our heels stuck in the wood panels on the loading dock

44) See what interesting activities are happening in our window on Main Street

45) Look for our phone chargers!  Whose is whose??

46) Put together 3-D renderings so a space comes alive!

47) Educate others on all the great businesses in 18b

48)  Constantly rearrange the warehouse to make room for new deliveries

49)  Put new pictures on HOUZZ

50) Discuss the latest movies

51) Plan special events and meeting at our offices

52) Sync our calendars

53) Entertain our visitors!

54) Sometimes quit early and drink wine on Fridays!

Interior Design Entertaining55) Make sure chairs and sofas are the right height and firmness

56) Order lunch from our favorites – Pop-up Pizza, Rachel’s Kitchen, and Bronze Cafe

57) Check in all new items for the showroom space and tag them for sale

58) Make daily calls to our clients to check in and monitor progress and satisfaction!

59) Most importantly – have fun!


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Jill Abelman

Jill is the Mad Designer on a mission. Leading her team with an unforgettable personality and impeccable taste, clients know to come to her for the best. With the characteristic "organiglam" style and a decided air of good taste, she'll tell you, once and for all, what works in the best home designs.

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