5 Amazing Breast Cancer Survival Stories

Breast cancer is one of the things nearly all women fear constantly – and if they don’t fear it, they should. Increasingly it seems to be happening to more and more women who seem like unlikely candidates: the healthy, the young, those with no family history…


To help encourage all you women out there to get your breasts examined regularly – and to encourage those of you who have already found yourselves engaging in the fight – here are 5 inspirational stories from real breast cancer survivors.

1. bashert04




This woman’s story is one of losing both breasts to cancer, touching mostly on the intricacies of losing them from a sexual/intimate perspective. It’s something that doesn’t get written about much, but in her post “The Loss of My Partner’s Warmth,” she says some remarkable things.

I always admire people who are unafraid to expose their deepest feelings in a way that we can all relate to – male or female, gay or straight. We all have fears about being loveable. What could be greater than having a life partner who shows you unconditional love – especially in the face of something so daunting as a double mastectomy? This woman is very courageous and a beautiful writer.


2. Kelly Davidson

Kelly Davidson

Kelly Davidson

Recently I posted about Kelly’s incredible struggle to overcome cancer not one, but three times, including surviving breast cancer through double mastectomy. It’s definitely worth mentioning again.

This story shocked me because of Kelly’s age! I always picture women with breast cancer as being over 40, and more and more I’m seeing this just isn’t always the case. But she didn’t let that surprise destroy her.

Look at her beautiful smile! I can only hope that if faced with such a serious illness I could also find the “silver lining” and like Kelly and know that breasts do not define me as a woman or a person.

Normally I am not a fan of tattoos, but I  love this tattoo and applaud her for turning her tragedy of a double mastectomy into a “beautiful piece of art” that she can enjoy every day and see as an example of her transformation and recovery.

3. Sonya Rose Atkinson

Sonya Rose

Sonya Rose Atkinson

From WomensHealthMag.com, this woman is a wonderful example of how sometimes we need to listen to the serendipitous events in our lives – even our dreams, sometimes!

Apparently Sonya had been visited in a dream by a large-breasted woman, requesting that Sonya get her breasts checked. It happened that she was able to attend the festival of St. Agatha, the Patron Saint of Breast Cancer, and found that she was, indeed, afflicted with the cancer.

It’s so important that we women check this regularly, and her story shows that we really shouldn’t ignore any signs, hints, or thoughts that we should get checked up. Just do it, already!



4. Jennifer’s Story

Jennifer Manghisi

Jennifer Manghisi

Thanks to YoungSurvival.org, we can find stories like Jennifer’s – who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 24! Anyone who thinks breast cancer or any cancer is just for older people needs to re-assess their thinking.

Two weeks after finding that her mother had been diagnosed, Jennifer began discharging blood from her nipple, and immediately got checked up. I can’t imagine being 24 and thinking Okay, this looks bad, but there’s no way this can be cancer, not at my age. No matter how old you are, you need to pay attention to the signs and get screened regularly!




5. Another Kelly

Kelly Mazurkiewicz

Kelly Mazurkiewicz

This woman really went through a rough time. As if cancer isn’t bad enough, her diagnosis came just before her first wedding anniversary and just after miscarrying. Can you imagine?!

After more than a year of treatment to remove it and make sure it didn’t come back, Kelly is incredibly positive, saying, “I learned right away that when you don’t have a choice, you can do anything!”

If that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what will!




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