4 Interior Design Ideas to Keep Cool This Summer

Las Vegas is a lot of things, and right now “comfortable” is not one of them! If you’re a fellow Las Vegan, fellow Southwesterner, or really just anyone gearing up for a hot summer, it’s time to make sure your home is prepared for the sweltering few months ahead (not to mention the one we’re in right now!).

Keeping away the heat in the summer means staying indoors, so here are a few interior design tips to keeping your home cool in both senses of the word.

Become a Fan of Fans


Let’s start with the staple fixture of cooling fixtures – the fan!

Generally people view their fans as a purely functional feature of their home that’s meant more to either blend into the room, look “nice” if people do notice it, or just plain go completely unnoticed altogether. Fans like this one do none of those things.

I can’t speak to how functional more extreme fans like these are, but in an air-conditioned home you’re not liable to experience much of a difference.

Off-the-wall (or ceiling?) fans aren’t for everybody or every home, but remember that these can be as much a conversation-starter or piece of art as any other part of your home.


Don’t Forget the Fabrics

Sam Moyer and his furniture at his workshop in Los Angeles for Men's Vogue

It can be all too easy to forget how much a difference the feel of upholstery makes and how much it changes in different conditions.

If you’ve got loads of leather in your house, it can feel great against the skin at first when you come in from outside and its been sitting in the AC all day, but after you’ve been sitting on it for a few minutes it turns into fly paper!

Opt for more consistently cooler-feeling fabrics like cotton that may not get as cold as leather, but don’t get nearly as warm and stay cool for longer.


Bring the Shade


How’s your green thumb?

A really unique way to promote a cooler interior is by planting small, lovely shade trees in pots and allowing them to shade your home. This can work even in apartments if you can plant on a south- or west-facing balcony.

Another option is to plant vines, which provides constant shade for the walls of your home. Plus it makes any home look like a mysterious antique estate!


Go Blind

Who said all blinds are the same?

Today you can find tons of different window blind options, and many are designed specifically to optimize your home for warm weather. Try to look for something white that reflects the sun.

And to keep cool while looking cool when entertaining this summer, check out my 6 Design Ideas for Entertaining This Summer!

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