4 Awesome Designer Miele Appliances & What’s Cool About Them

Part 2 for Miele (if you missed it, check out Part 1 for the INCREDIBLE Miele Showroom!) was on Day 3 of the blog tour, so don’t think Miele doesn’t love us designers. This involved a return to the Miele Manhattan Center for a luncheon at the AD Home Show where the new Miele Generation 6000 appliances were launched to the public. Another great blogger wrote a fantastic piece about this collection too.Check it out here
There were so many great features, but here is a list of my favorites.
The Combi-Steam Ovens
Miele Product Manager Kathrin Pfeifer states that they’ve “combined true European convection technology which offers the best cooking environment for roasting and baking with our unique external steam generator.” Who would have thought adding steam while baking would give you artisan quality breads at the touch of a button?

Seriously! I love bread and I love simplicity… this could be dangerous.


The New Chocolate Truffle Finishes on the 6000 Series
The thing that I love most about Miele appliances is that they are sleek and stylish. They would fit perfectly in any kitchen and to top it off, they are so easy to clean. Now Miele has just launched a new finish called Chocolate Truffle. Anything with chocolate in the name piques my interest… and they look gorgeous.


The Built-in Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines
Again, at the push of a button, you have yourself freshly-ground, freshly-brewed coffee… with the added option of making it a latte with its own milk dispenser. And to top it off, it has a convenient cleaning option. No muss, no fuss.


The Built-under Wine Conditioning Unit
I think this was Marc’s favorite thing. Being the wine connoisseur that he is, he loved the fact that it was stylish and functional. The unique air filters keep outside odors from entering the fridge and the two-zone cooling system allows you to store different types of wine at the perfect temperature. Also, the LED lighting truly showcases your bottles. So cool!  🙂


What more can I say? Miele has it all 🙂 Intelligent design, sleek styling AND they are very easy to use.  These appliances will be a welcome addition in any our our clients’ homes and my own, of course…IF I can ever find the time to be my own client that is!  Here’s to someday!  This Vegas gal would bet on Miele any day.
Once again, thank you to Modenus for amazing us each day with a bevy of spectacular events. You all really outdid yourselves! I can’t wait until you see what happens on Day 4 of the tour! Be sure to subscribe to our RSS feed on the right hand column above to be notified 🙂

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