21 Interesting Exterior & Interior Design Ideas…for Better or Worse

When you work in interior design, you see a lot of things – and not all of them are great. Here are 21 interesting interior design decisions and ideas that could be good, might be bad… or aren’t really easy to pin as either!This room has some really great ideas for improving organization, storing clothes conveniently and stylishly, and keeping a bedroom looking clean and chic… unfortunately, they’re not being used! Great ideas are only useful if you, well, use them. Remember that’s a big part of design – come up with fabulous, functional solutions that people actually want to make use of!


Love these? Hate them? Have more “interesting” examples of design ideas? Let us know in the comments! And of course peruse our blog to see some of our own personal adventures in redecorating.

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Jill Abelman

Jill is the Mad Designer on a mission. Leading her team with an unforgettable personality and impeccable taste, clients know to come to her for the best. With the characteristic "organiglam" style and a decided air of good taste, she'll tell you, once and for all, what works in the best home designs.

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