14,000 sq. feet to go!

14,000 sq. feet to go!

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so “honest” but when we first were hired to design this home … I was super anxious!!! Can I do this? It did seem overwhelming.. Our largest home before this was was 8,000 square feet. The home room count included a completely Round Room with a fireplace, a wine room, a formal living room, huge kitchen, formal Dining, Master Bedroom and Retreat, 4 additional Bedrooms, a Casita, a Home Theatre, a Game Room, and a complete SPA!..with several jacuzzi tubs, steam etc AND a Casita.. Whew!

I can almost hear you thinking, how many people live there? Do they have 10 kids?!

Well, No.. in typical Vegas fashion -everything over the top – there are only two children and two adults living in this home who happened to love Art Deco and old movies.

Photo Jan 16




You may wonder, how do you go about even starting this size of a home?

Well, after I stopped hyperventilating, I thought “Don’t be silly! We will treat this the same as any other project!” After learning about our clients needs and wants – First, we start with rough pencil drawings and space planning.

For example, here is the very first sketch I did of the “Round Room.”

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.18.06 PM

My idea was to create a New York library look – complete with very tall Black bookshelves and upholstered walls. Our clients already planned on purchasing a player piano. This room is right off the entry so it had to WOW the guests as they walked in the door.

Happily, this idea was a hit with the clients so our next step was to put our ideas into a CAD drawing to better illustrate the concept.. and create digital color boards

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.25.47 PM

We also presented this amazing Christopher Guy Glass Mosaic screen which ended up to be their first purchase as it reminded them of their favorite era  of the Roaring 20’s. We all loved  the elegant lady on her way somewhere special.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 12.34.25 PM

You should have seen our office on the day of our initial design presentation! Fabrics and materials were spread from one end to the other of our design room!!

We were SURE they would LOVE everything in the first round
and say yes.. Then we would be “off to the races” with ordering!
But alas, this is design and it’s rarely this simple….

We presented two or more variations for each room in the home… If I had calculated the  design hours that went into just this one “Round Room” below..  I am sure it would be in the hundreds..  counting the numerous design renditions, the computer time, the researching, the price calculating and  finally, overseeing the craftsmen  that made this “dream come true!”

But that is what design is all about.. Imagination, Collaboration and the willingness to approach the same space over and over until both you and the client have that “Ahah moment! …”  Nothing is better than seeing it all come together!

inside_style_11_18_15_0795-Edit inside_style_11_18_15_0764-Edit_waterfall


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