Awesome Parisian Doors


As an interior designer here in Las Vegas, one thing that struck me right away about Paris was all the beautiful doors! I know what you’re thinking: you flew all the way out to Paris and you’re thinking about doors?! I know it sounds odd, but they are really, really awesome!

The entire city of Paris is filled with these gorgeous tall buildings – most built in the early 1900’s and have interior courtyards which are accessed on the street by incredible 15-20‘ high, just massive doors designed individually, and not one is the same!

In most places, particularly here, we see doors as basic, simply functional features that don’t deserve much attention. We American interior designers, of course, have learned to try to influence our clients to combat that! But French designers and architects understand that everything deserves artistic attention. Their large, luxurious entry doors are no exception.

The “mystery” behind these Parisian doors was almost too much. Anytime I saw one being opened, I practically sprinted over to get a look inside! Here are just some of my favorites.


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Jill Abelman

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